Are You Overloaded?

Are you familiar with the phrase, information overload?  If not, you will be soon because it happens to the most new internet marketers at some point. Information overload is when you simply have so much to learn, so much that you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and more confused than before you started.  It can make you feel helpless.  You can get the dreaded paralysis by analysis.

It happens easily within this industry because there are so many options you have, an endless array of opportunity and choices. You can be a product owner or an affiliate or both at the same time.

Do you know HTML, FTP, SSL, WordPress, cPanel, PLR, CSS?  You can use article marketing, social marketing, or pay per click campaigns. The list is never-ending.

Sidebar:  If you would like to learn about all those acronyms and some of the other technical tools of the trade, check out the IM Education Site.

You're new to the game, you may not know much about any of the above, but suddenly you're thrust into an environment where everyone's opinions differ and you don't know where to start!

The first thing you should do is chill out and take some of the pressure off, take a deep breath. All of the information you need to consume isn't going anywhere. The information will be here later today, next week, and even a year from now.

Don't invest in a report about AdWords, a product about Facebook, and an ebook on Private Label Rights all at the same time. That's too much information to consume and then apply at one time.  I like to use this old saying, 'How do you eat an elephant?' Answer: 'One bite at a time.'  Dip the bites in honey mustard though, they'll taste better.

Internet marketing is your elephant and you have to choose whether you want to eat the ear, the trunk, or the hind quarters first. It doesn't matter if you start out learning about social media marketing before you know the ropes of blogging.

Make a point of educating yourself and putting that knowledge to work for you, apply what you have learned.  As long as you read that social marketing guide you purchased and apply that new knowledge to a method of making money, you're on the road to success!  Take massive action!

Some things won't make sense to learn before others. If you know you have no money or limited funds to start with, then don't buy (or download for free) a guide about pay per click marketing (PPC). Start with something you can do that doesn't call for an investment of capital.  There are many traffic sources that won't cost you a dime. 

You don't want a guide to everything all at once, that's too much elephant to eat.  You want to invest in small, bite-sized chunks of information that you can digest and put into action before moving on. Want to start with a free blog? Get a blog guide. Launch a blog and focus on blogging until you are successful at that endeavor.  

After you have successfully applied your new knowledge then move on to whatever interests you next and can provide another revenue stream.  Remember, to build your business you need to bring in some money.  There is a vast ocean of opportunity awaiting you in the internet marketing arena.  The key is to not get paralyzed by having too much information and too many choices.

One of the most effective ways to not get bogged-down and frozen is to take on a coach, someone who is already successful and been through the paces.  I've taken on a coach and it's freed me from the dreaded paralysis by analysis.  Take a moment and watch this free training from my coach.  I guarantee it will be one of the most important trainings you watch.  Click the button below to get the valuable, free training.

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  1. Love your analogy about internet marketing being an elephant and to consume it in bite-sized chunks. In the past, I’ve been guilty of trying to take on too much at one time and giving up through being overwhelmed. Age and experience have taught me that the quickest way to achieve something is not to rush it, but instead move one step at a time.

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